‘The X Factor USA’ 2012 November 1 Results — Did CeCe Frey or Willie Jones Make the Top 12?

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The X Factor USA 2012 top 16 was trimmed to the top 12 on November 1 as mentors Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and LA Reid each faced the daunting task of eliminating one act from his or her own group. So how did the evening pan out for Demi’s talented quartet of Young Adults?

They didn’t have to wait long to find out, as Paige Thomas, CeCe Frey, Willie Jones and Jennel Garcia were up first to learn their fates. But before the big reveal and sing-off, a pre-taped segment featuring the contestants’ responses to their live show debuts aired. Paige said she just prayed she’d done enough to get her through. Jennel was “speechless” after her very well-received routine, while CeCe hoped she “did enough to stay safe” despite a vocally weak offering. Willie, finally, said he felt like he’d earned a spot moving forward.

When prompted by host Mario Lopez, Demi first advanced rocker-girl Jennel, who turned in the strongest performance of the four, to the final 12. The second act put through to the next round was Paige, leaving CeCe and Willie to engage in a head-to-head sing-off for survival.

Backstage, a tearful Jennel told Khloe Kardashian “I’m so happy for myself,” but lamented seeing her “two best friends” still facing elimination. Paige, who wore an absolutely huge black sheer hat, gave off a starkly different vibe as she said she was “feeling so happy” about advancing in the competition.

Up first to sing was CeCe, who looked beautiful in a short red dress and platforms as she crooned “Out Here On My Own.” The performance was dramatically better than her October 31 rendition of “Because the Night,” which was too heavy on the theatrics and too light on the vocals. LA Reid opined “you just saved yourself” but admitted that he wasn’t particularly familiar with the song. Britney Spears said “you completely pulled through” and recovered from what she termed an “identity crisis.” Simon Cowell asked her why she hadn’t done something of a similar ilk during the performance show, noting that the whole “clown” routine hadn’t worked for her at all.

With CeCe’s performance in the books, the charming Shreveport native Willie followed with his save-me song, “You Don’t Know Me.” Like CeCe, he sang with passion and conviction, clearly eager to continue his journey toward the $5 million grand prize. However, there was really no contest: His voice simply isn’t as strong or as defined as CeCe’s, and it really showed. LA called him “really unique” and thought the effort was “good.” Britney touched again on his “unique” quality, but said she wasn’t sure how he fit in as an artist. Simon lamented that his “very distinct voice” was hard for Demi to manage, and wished he could’ve been his mentor.

Moments later, CeCe joined Willie on stage for Demi’s decision. After a pause, Demi eliminated Willie from contention. He responded without much emotion, but CeCe cried and could be seen whispering “I’m sorry” into her friend’s ear before she left the stage. Willie called the experience “really fun” and encouraged fans to live their dreams. He thanked Demi for her help, and Demi responded “I have so much faith in you” but “I just don’t think it’s your time right now.”

So how will the remaining members of the Young Adults category fare during next week’s The X Factor USA 2012 top 12 show? Tune in and find out.

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