‘The X Factor USA’ 2012 October 11 Recap: Tara Simon Belts It for Justin Bieber, LA Reid

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The X Factor USA 2012 resumed October 11 as the top six Over 25s and Teens sang for mentors LA Reid and Britney Spears and their special guests. Wondering how Tara Simon—the only gal in the Over 25 category to advance to the judges’ homes—fared while singing for LA Reid, Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun?

The almost annoyingly confident Tara was, as usual, perky and positive prior to facing the three panelists at LA’s Beverly Hills pad. She defended her sometimes over the top vocal stylings, asking “why can’t more be good?” However, she admitted that she’s trying to show some vocal restraint, which she called a tough task.

She greeted the three men cheerfully, and when asked how she was doing, she replied “fabulous” and said she was ready to sing. Then she belted out a crazy-powerful and dramatic version of Hoobastank’s “The Reason”. Without a doubt, Tara has some serious talent, but a few of the notes were a tad bit sour and the performance bordered on too dramatic.

Still, the 28-year-old Atlanta native was delighted afterward. She applauded herself, did a restrained happy dance, and chirped “that was super fun” before declaring her offering a “near perfect performance”. But what did Biebs and the bunch think? Justin liked her voice, but wished for “more sweet moments”. More restraint, perhaps? No surprise there.

After the show, Tara confessed to nerves via Twitter, thanking a fan for praise and adding “Thank you. I was really nervous singing in front of Justin…not easy :-)” She would be infinitely more likable if she’d just show that kind of humility while the cameras are rolling. The show producers may well be painting her in an unfavorable light, but the best way to avoid that kind of portrayal is to avoid sounding conceited in the first place.

Will Tara Simon be among the four Over 25 category members who makes it to the live shows? Keep watching The X Factor USA 2012 and find out.

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