‘The X Factor’ USA 2012 Results Recap Shocker: Who Was Voted Off on Nov. 29?

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The X Factor USA for season 2 was down to the top 8 contestants at the beginning of the Nov. 29 show, but by the end, there were only 6 of these talents left in the competition. So who was voted off during chart toppers week?

Right off the bat, Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian told the tale of one act who was voted off for having the least number of fans pushing for her. And that elimination was a shocker as the person named was Paige Thomas, one of two performers left on Demi Lovato’s team.

To say the least, the reaction in the audience was that of complete surprise, but a brave Paige told all that she is not down given the news but rather excited about her future. After speaking in an upbeat manner, Thomas smiled through the pre-packaged retrospective of her amazing time on the hit FOX show.

After that piece of business done, seven other contenders remained shaking in their shoes since during this night, another would be cut. But meanwhile, last year’s winner of X Factor, Josh Karjcik, rambunctiously sang his new single, One Thing She’ll Never Know.

Then it was time to hear some more about how the rankings went with regard to where the voters put the remaining X Factor contestants. The top five were Carly Rose Sonenclar, CeCe Frey, Emblem 3, Fifth Harmony, and Tate Stevens. The remaining two—Diamond White and Vino Alan—had to then prepare to sing for possible survival, a really tough challenge in the best of circumstances.

Meanwhile, Alicia Keys diverted everyone’s attention from the drama at hand for a few brief, shining moments as the superstar performed her hit, Girl on Fire. While she stood surrounded by a fantastic set with an Asian theme, a tribe of skilled male dancers, and a musician aiming his talent at a huge kettle drum, Keys rocked a really cool and very sexy black outfit with revealing cutouts while soulfully delivering her anthem. And so, with the numbers in, all that remained to be done was a sing-off between tiny belter Diamond White (who performed Beyonce’s I Was Here) and power crooner Vino Alan (who performed the iconic and gritty hit called Trouble). At the end of the evening, White was saved by all the judges except LA Reid, which figures since he’s Alan’s mentor. In the end, Vino was very upset and shocked but gracious as he took his leave, his artistic intentions still on track and his many, many tattoos still where they have been since being inked, whenever that might have been.

Well, that’s all she wrote for this evening, so chalk these results up to one more night of tough-to-take eliminations on this small screen talent program.

With that said, did The X Factor USA get is right tonight? Were the acts who were told to leave the artists who actually deserved to be voted off this particular results show? Did your favorite contestant get the boot? Who do you think will go on next week’s results show when this popular network program returns with the final six as this very competitive competition starts to wind down for season 2? Thoughts?

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