‘The X Factor’ USA Recap — Who Was Voted Off on November 17, 2011?

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On Wednesday, 10 X Factor USA contestants performed for the privilege of continuing on this extremely competitive Fox television show. They also performed for the right to possibly win five million bucks. But that was last night.

Tonight, everyone has to say good-bye to one of these top contenders.

Indeed, the show on Thursday night that culminated in someone going home included a huge highlight on The X Factor USA. A big deal for everyone on hand in Los Angeles, Rihanna flew in from Europe where she has been on tour to sing her hit, We Found Love.

That was a great musical injection into an otherwise sad ending, especially for one performer who was forced to go away and not come back to try and bag the big prize. And with that said, now is the time to stop reading if you have not yet seen The X Factor USA on November 16, or if you simply have no desire to know who stayed on the show and who was sent home.


Wait. First the opening of the show: On the evening of November 17, 2011, The X Factor USA started out with a predictable tribute to rock week as the entire group of 10 singers warbled We Will Rock You, complete with a rap from Astro who doesn’t seem to do anything but rap. Or at least this guy incorporates rap into all of his performances.

At that point, LeRoy Bell was told he is safe and going through to the top 9. And, in a surprise move, Lakota Rayne—Paula’s only group left in the competition—was also told that the four singers who make up this act are safe as well.

Then, after Rihanna sings (starting out from behind a fence made of chains), Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, and Marcus Canty are all informed that they earned enough votes to be able to continue to sing on The X Factor USA.

That left two acts who would stay and two acts who would need to sing against each other in order to find out which one would be picked to continue on with the competition. The two acts who were given the green light to stay were Drew and Rachel Crow, both girls who are mentored by Simon Cowell and both girls who are still in their teens. To say these kids were happy about their lucky fate is a massive understatement.

At that point, host Steve Jones announced which two acts had earned the least number of viewer votes and would therefore need to sing again. Both contestants in this tough situation have already proven to be great talents no matter what happened at the show’s end, but it was Astro’s career on The X Factor USA that ultimately ended up on the line as did that of songstress Stacy Francis.

First to sing for the right to continue on the show was Stacy, a member of the over 30s and mentored by Nicole Scherzinger. She picked the classic anthem Amazing Grace, only to prove why she landed in the bottom two of the top 10. This performance was definitely not a winner with Francis very emotional. She did not hit all the notes. In fact she missed quite a few, and her voice sounded thin, at best.

That gave Astro, aka Brian Bradley, the chance to rap his way back into The X Factor USA competition. But instead of singing, the kid asked his mentor whether or not he should actually sing, and then he asked the same of the audience. After that, Astro deemed to do a rap, but it was a rap that delivered as if Astro could care less about the outcome of the performance and, ultimately, his place on the Fox competition show.

And so, with this mess to deal with, the judges were forced to decide who was going to be voted off the top 10 and who would go on to the top 9 next week. LA Reid said Stacy should be sent packing, Nicole picked Astro as the person who should stop then and there, Paula chose Francis to leave on Thursday, and Simon went along with the majority, making sure that Stacy Francis ended her X Factor journey on Thursday.

With that being said, do you think America and The X Factor USA judges got it right? Do you think Stacy Francis should have been voted off on November 17, 2011? Thoughts?

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