The X Factor USA Results Recap: Britney Spears Sent Talented Teen Home on 11/01/2012

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The X Factor USA held its results show on Thursday, thinning out the top 16 down to the top 12. That meant that one member from each team was asked to go home. But getting to that point was an arduous and often sad process as far as each mentor was concerned.

Take the case of Britney Spears who had four very big talents who showed musical prowess who collectively went way beyond their young ages.

The first of Brit’s group to be safe was Beatrice Miller who seemed absolutely shocked that she was called out by Spears to continue on with the show. Next to learn that she would also be part of future X Factor sing-offs was Carly Rose Sonenclar, a frontrunner since the beginning of this TV reality show competition.

At that point, it was down to Diamond White and Arin Ray. These two crooners had to sing for their future, a tough job for anyone and an even tougher job when you are still just a teenager finding your way in and around the very complex world of professional singing.

While both of these amazing performers did really well when each had to sing for his/her life, one ultimately had to go per the rules of this popular FOX show. Arin sang first, and gained kudos from the judges. Then Diamond did the same, and with the same result.

Unfortunately, on X Factor last night, Britney Spears had to choose between these two and she regrettably picked Ray to continue and Diamond White to go home. It was a sad moment but the smiling 13-year-old was a good sport, telling Brit she wasn’t mad at her given her decision. Talk about a mature talent who will go far no matter what.

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