The ‘X Factor’s’ Nicole Scherzinger Says She Has No Regrets

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Getting fired from X Factor hasn’t clouded Nicole Scherzinger’s life one bit, or so she claims. The former judge says she enjoyed her time with the hit show and has absolutely no regrets about agreeing to serve as a judge.

As for explaining why she was let go, Nicole claimed to have no clue. All she said was that she gave everything she had; 110 percent.

“I know everybody’s talking about it, they’re saying good, bad, they love me or hate me,” she told Access Hollywood’s Tim Vincent. “I had a wonderful experience on the show…Nothing could obviously prepare me for what I had to go through, all the emotions and stuff, but I have no regrets,” Nicole Scherzinger claimed. “I’ve always believed in never looking back and just moving forward and I’ve had an amazing year to look forward to.”

Some people believe that Nicole’s tendency to butt heads with Simon Cowell and belittle his contestants had something to do with her departure. Even the fans weren’t always happy with the way she handled judging situations. Some felt she was too wish-washy. Others felt she came across unqualified. Still others thought she singled out female talent for harsh criticism. Which, if any, of these reasons contributed to Nicole’s firing, no one may ever know. For now, at least, Cowell is keeping mum.

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