‘The Young and the Restless': Chelsea Comes Face to Face with Sharon in the Cottage

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On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Noah spoke with Nick expressing his feeling that Sharon may have had something to do with the fire at the ranch. Nick told him the fire investigator’s report was due to come out today. Noah feared his mother would be a likely suspect. Back at the cottage, a twisted Sharon struck a match and gazed at the flame. She abruptly blew it out after briefly coming to her senses. Chloe turned to Avery for some legal advice and discovered the contract Adam had with TagNGrab gave him all the power. Avery stated Adam had the advantage of pulling his money out whenever he wanted. Chloe recalled her and Adam being desperate for investors when they got Adam involved.

Adam made arrangements with a therapist to look in on Sharon. He wanted the woman to be discreet and that was agreed upon. Later, he ran into Victor at the Athletic Club. Adam commented that Victor was looking well. Victor thought Adam must be proud of himself for betraying the family by going to work for Jack. Victor wondered how Adam’s pregnant wife was doing and Adam thought it was a low blow. He became teary eyed and told Victor Chelsea lost the baby after Summer caused their accident. A shocked Victor expressed his sympathies stating he wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Nikki showed up and Adam left. Victor confronted Nikki about Chelsea losing the baby. Nikki claimed she didn’t tell him because it happened when he was in the hospital. Victor asked Nikki never to hide anything from him again. Nikki showed Victor the report. It was clear arson was involved and Nikki suspected Sharon. Victor said there was nothing in the report that made Sharon a suspect. Victor decided to hire his own investigator and a determined Nikki intended to do some of her own digging.

Adam got home and found Chelsea upset about him saying that she couldn’t handle his position at TagNGrab. Adam stated he just didn’t want Chelsea to be subjected to Kevin’s business dealings. He urged her to find a business idea she could be passionate about. Later, Chelsea chatted with Chloe about Adam not wanting her involved in TagNGrab. Chloe understood and stated it was a bad idea for them to be stuck in the middle of Adam and Kevin’s battles. Chelsea was impressed that Chloe was a stylist at Restless Style. She said she once ran a con with her mother forcing people to believe she was a fashion designer named Andi Walsh. Back at Chelsea’s, Chloe looked at photos of her designs. Chelsea had taken apart dresses and put them back together several ways. An impressed Chloe thought Chelsea should start designing for real. Chelsea mentioned the empty cottage on her property that she could use for work space. Chelsea and Chloe headed out to look at the cottage.

Victor learned tequila was the accelerant used to start the fire at the ranch. In the meantime, Nikki approached Nick about her suspicions that Sharon started the fire. Nick didn’t want Noah or Faith to know about this. He admitted he had suspected Sharon as well. Nikki said if Sharon was involved, Nick wouldn’t be able to protect his kids from the truth. In the meantime, as Sharon slept at the cottage, Adam brought Dr. Watkins to see her. Sharon completely freaked out when she saw the doctor and refused to speak to her. The therapist left her card and told Adam Sharon needed immediate help. Later, Adam met with this mysterious guy and ordered him to set a series of fires around town using tequila as the accelerant. The guy assumed Adam was attempting to frame someone. Adam stated he was trying to save someone. Chelsea continues trying different keys to get into the cottage. Nick hooks up with Avery complaining about his lousy day. He wants Avery to have lunch with him. Avery is tied up for lunch, but invites Nick to dinner at her place.

On today’s episode, Jack confronts Billy about sending Victoria to Miami. They have a huge argument about Billy betraying Jack. Chelsea and Chloe get inside the cottage and wonder who’s been staying there after they find some lip gloss. Later, Sharon tips Adam off about Chelsea lurking around at the cottage. Jack decides to have his surgery and appoints Adam interim CEO while he is in the hospital. Phyllis was not cool with that idea. She tells Billy about Jack’s surgery but when Billy visits Jack at the hospital, Jack tosses him out of his room. When Ronan threatens to arrest Genevieve, Tucker gives her some cash to get out-of-town. Victoria leaves her hotel room in Miami and is grabbed from behind. Chelsea confronts Adam about who is staying at the cottage and he refuses to come clean. Chelsea hits the cottage once again and when she opens the door, she comes face to face with Sharon. Heather stuns Michael by asking for a leave of absence to clear her father’s name. Take a look at their exchange in this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

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