‘The Young and the Restless': Chelsea Finds Adam and Sharon Locking Lips

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On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Nikki worried about receiving so few RSVP’s for her and Victor’s party. Victor said he was sure everyone would come. Nikki mentioned that Abby wasn’t going to make it and she was sending a housewarming gift. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and when Victor went to get it, he found Carmine with a case of champagne. The champagne was from Abby and so was Carmine who would be tending bar.

Back at Billy and Victoria’s, Billy encouraged Victoria to go to the party. She didn’t feel like seeing her father. Billy thought it might do her some good to spend time with Nikki and Nick. Finally, a reluctant Victoria decided to go. Billy told her she looked beautiful and helped her on with her coat. She left and Billy took off to run some errands. Later, he returned with bags and began moving furniture around. Yesterday was Michael and Lauren’s anniversary and she didn’t want to spend it at Victor’s party. Michael said they would celebrate at dinner and stop by Victor’s afterwards. Lauren reminded Michael that Victor fired him, but Michael was determined to go. Fen told his parents he was blowing off the Newman party. He said he didn’t want to spend time with a bunch of adults. Michael had a feeling he was avoiding Summer and when he asked Fen about that, Fen just about told him to get off his back.

Noah caught Summer going through stuff in his bedroom and he demanded to know what she was doing. Summer claimed she was looking for his car keys. Noah told her to stay out of his room. Summer said she wasn’t going to Victor’s party, but Noah thought they should be there. He convinced Summer to get dressed and go with him. Noah checked on Adrianna to make sure she was safe in New York. Summer had been asking about the girl from New York. Avery told Nick she had a change of heart about attending the party. Nick finally talked her into coming. After trying on four dresses, Avery decided on a little red number and the two of them took off. Elsewhere, an upset Chelsea wondered why Adam didn’t tell her about the party invitation. Adam said he wasn’t going because he didn’t trust the reason why Victor invited him, no matter what the reason was. Chelsea said Victor called to see if they were going and she felt out of the loop because she had no idea what he was talking about. She began talking about her fashion business, but Adam wasn’t listening. Finally, he brought up the party again and the two of them decided to attend.

A stunned Nikki answered the door and found Adam and Chelsea standing there. She said now wasn’t a good time. A confused Adam told her they were invited to the party. Victor explained the party was about family and friends, and Adam was his son. Victoria showed up next, and Victor was thrilled to see her. Nikki got her alone to ask if she had reconciled with Billy. Victoria admitted she hadn’t, but she also mentioned she was still upset with her father. Victoria couldn’t believe Adam was invited and Billy wasn’t. Victor began asking Adam about the spike in Newman stock. Adam was happy to take credit for that. Suddenly, Adam got Victor’s reason for inviting him. He knew the only reason he received that invitation was so that Victor could use him as bait to compel Nick and Victoria to fight for Newman Enterprises. Nick and Avery arrived, and Adam’s presence was the first thing Nick noticed.

Summer went to greet Adam and Chelsea, but Chelsea turned away from her. Adam asked Summer to give Chelsea some space. A lost Summer called Fen and asked him to come to the party. She said she really needed a friend. Fen suggested she call Jamie. Victoria noticed Summer leaving and when she confronted her about it, Summer said she was grabbing a cab to go home. Lauren and Michael opt out of the bash when Michael has an arraignment he can’t miss. Lauren isn’t happy that Michael is putting work first again, but he promises to make it up to her this weekend.

Sharon was alone freaking out after spilling something on her blouse. A flood of memories came back to her and she felt horrified over how she had treated Nick and Victoria when she ran Newman Enterprises. She was in a panic and couldn’t calm down until she looked at one of Faith’s drawings. She wandered upstairs. Back at the party, Victor got the attention of the crowd to announce whoever destroyed the ranch did not destroy his family. Victor was thrilled he and Vikki were starting over again in the penthouse. Victor told his guests nothing could destroy the Newmans. Just then, Sharon made her entrance.

On today’s episode, Sharon takes center stage at the penthouse. She claims she did not come here to cause trouble. She said it was time for her to do the right thing. Nikki wondered if Sharon even knew what that was. Noah tried to convince his mother to go. He became nervous when she admitted doing more terrible things to this family than they would ever know. Sharon insisted on staying. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Kevin tells a NYPD detective he doesn’t know Noah Newman. Jack finds a new way to get drugs. Sharon melts down at the penthouse and rushes off with Adam hot on her tail. Chelsea follows and finds Adam kissing Sharon after trying to calm her down. Noah admits to the NYPD Detective that he’s been calling Adrianna, but he doesn’t know where she is. Don’t miss today’s episode of The Young and the Restless and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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