‘The Young and the Restless': Chelsea Loses Her Child and Nick Wants a Divorce

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On Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, A worried Nick tried to track down the missing Summer. Victoria suggested he trace her cell phone number, but Nick admitted taking her cell away. Say what? The kid still has a car, but no cell. Finally, he found Summer via a disposable cell she had called Fen on. Summer told Nick she just needed to get away. She wondered if the trial was still on. Nick said he would go to the trial with her if she needed him to. Summer said she was going home to change and would let him know.

The trial started and a frustrated Michael questioned Kevin about Tim Reid. Kevin was evasive and couldn’t recall where he last saw Tim. He mentioned seeing him in the newspaper and in a book store. The judge wondered if Michael wanted to treat Kevin as a hostile witness. Michael declined. Suddenly, the judge began gasping for air and the courtroom was cleared. Leslie told Phyllis another judge would most likely take over the case.

Summer entered the courtroom and Phyllis thanked her for coming. She said she only came to watch her mother get what she deserved. Summer admitted she hated Phyllis and was sorry she was her mother. Nick was upset that Summer didn’t tell him she was coming. She walked away. Chloe stormed off when Phyllis approached Kevin to discuss what they should do. Michael demanded that Phyllis stay away from his client. Ronan went to discuss things with Phyllis and Summer happened upon them. She was furious seeing the two of them together and ran off.

After being released by the SEC, Tucker went to see Jack. He knew Jack needed more stock in Newman Enterprises and he also knew Victor needed his help. Later, Billy showed up to see Jack. Jack boasted about his plans to make a move on Newman and he wanted Billy’s help. He wanted it to be a family business. Billy pointed out his wife is a Newman and she is his family. He didn’t understand Jack’s plan. Jacked called those plans a mega business opportunity. Billy claimed it was all about his feud with Victor and refused to put his marriage on the line for Jack’s greed.

Nick went to see Adam and congratulated him on Chelsea’s pregnancy. Adam suspected there was more to this visit. Nick wanted Adam to reconsider sticking with the family. He said he would be doing it for his child. Adam refused to bite and Nick called him a selfish bastard. Adam and Chelsea went back to planning their last vacation before the baby came. Jack stopped by to try to convince Jack to sell him his Newman shares. Chelsea listened from the stairs. She wondered if Adam really wanted to take this trip with all that was going on. He said it was time for them to get out of there.

Jack visited Victor and told him Adam sold him his shares. He mentioned that Abbott Enterprises had a nice ring to it. Tucker went to Sharon and asked her to recant her statement with the SEC. She said she would help. She was glad things were working out for him. He said things would for her as well. He cautioned her to watch her back because something bad was about to happen at Newman. Tucker was sure Sharon would be blamed.

Summer wanted Fenmore to run away to Chicago with her, but he said that was a terrible idea. She called him as lame as everyone else and stormed off. Phyllis got off the hook when the judge dismissed the case due to information Christine concealed. Adam and Chelsea headed off on vacation when Chelsea screamed to Adam to watch out for an out of control, oncoming car.

On today’s episode, An outraged Michael reacted to what Christine did to get the charges against Phyllis dropped. She compared her mistake as nothing in light of the fact that Phyllis tried to murder her and Paul. Michael advised her to drop it because there was no solid evidence that Phyllis intended to hurt her and Paul, and it’s been over 20 years. Watch this CBS video preview to see the exchange between Michael and Phyllis.

Also, on today’s episode, Kevin can’t get over how Michael treated him. Nick and Phyllis get the word that Summer was involved in an automobile accident. They get to the hospital and when Nick spots Adam, he assumes Adam was the cause of the accident. Adam explains that Summer’s car veered into his lane and hit a tree. He told Nick he pulled her from the vehicle. Later, Adam learns Chelsea lost their baby after the accident. Nick is with Avery when Adam tells him Summer killed his child. Christine wants to slap a civil suit on Phyllis, but Paul tells her it’s time to let it go. Eden suddenly remembers something that might help Paul.

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