‘The Young and the Restless': Christine Wants Phyllis to Pay and Sharon Heads to Kansas

On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Adam and Chelsea packed for Kansas to get married. An excited Chelsea loved that their luggage matched. She mentioned always wanting a traditional wedding. Adam rushed off to run an errand before their trip. Elsewhere, Victor invited Sharon to move in with him at the ranch. She thought they were taking things slow. He stated they had been. She can’t say yes just yet because she wanted to make sure her kids were okay with this.

Back at the coffeehouse, Christine and Heather discussed Paul’s case but Christine needed Heather’s help dealing with Judge Rice. She needed him to issue an arrest warrant for Phyllis. Heather wondered if Christine’s involvement in the case against Phyllis would impact Paul. Christine insisted it wouldn’t. Heather also pointed out that Michael removed her from Phyllis’ case but Christine assured her she could overrule him. Heather noticed Daniel and Lucy and they joked about starting a group for people with incarcerated parents. Daniel wanted them to be the only two members. Daniel told Heather he hoped the charges against Paul would be dropped.

Ronan went to see Phyllis to warn her there wasn’t much time before Christine had her arrested. Phyllis took off to the coffeehouse desperate to see Summer. Sharon confronted Chelsea at the AC to find out where she and Adam were getting married. Chelsea failed to provide her with their destination. Later, Sharon managed to get it out of Gloria. She told Victor she couldn’t move in with him until she spoke to Noah. She said she was heading off to visit him. Sharon promptly booked herself a flight to Kansas.

Ronan attempted to make Christine realize Phyllis was not the same person she was back then. He feared Christine had lost her perspective. Christine wouldn’t listen. She ordered Heather to pick up the arrest warrant. Ronan showed up at the coffeehouse with the warrant and slapped the bracelets. on Phyllis in front of Summer and Daniel. Adam presented Chelsea with some special gifts including a choice of wedding dresses to choose from. Avery showed up for Phyllis determined to see her through this ordeal.

On today’s episode, Michael tells Phyllis they proof she rented that car. They have proof of her animosity towards Christine and they have proof she possessed the computer hacking skills to doctor records. Avery jumped in looking for an offer. Take a peek at this CBS video for today’s episode.

Also on today’s episode, Sharon blindsided Adam by asking him to bail on Chelsea. He tells her he loves Chelsea more than her and won’t entertain her pleas. Elsewhere, Victor discovers Sharon followed Adam. Paul learns Phyllis is in custody and he has a chat with her. Billy has to make a big decision about the ‘Restless Style’ reality TV show. Ronan and Christine continue to argue over how Christine is handling Phyllis’ case.

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