‘The Young and the Restless': Daily Update and Sneak Peek

In Genoa City today on The Young and the Restless, Billy and Victoria spent the day admiring Lucy. Suddenly, word about Phyllis’s “Restless Style” blog gets to Daniel. He rushes off to her house and slams her for putting Lucy in jeopardy by posting her picture online. He tells Phyllis that she’s done it all for a kid who doesn’t need her or want her. Phyllis has gone over the edge on this one using Lucy as leverage to attract Daisy’s attention. She wants to play the doting grandmother role but where is Summer lately? Kudos to Daniel for telling Phyllis off.

When Billy got word of the blog, he is even more incensed than Daniel was. “Restless Style” had a gag order imposed by the court not to exploit this child by making her into headline news until the custody issues were settled. Phyllis broke that gag order and a furious Billy fires her. Phyllis is so proud of herself, she could care less about the job.

Daisy does read the “Restless Style” blog and tears are seen rolling down her cheeks. Lauren sees the blog as well, and one would think she would collapse over this but she shows up at Phyllis’s place and says she’s glad Phyllis wrote what she wrote because she is tired of being afraid of Daisy. What? That’s a complete 180 for Lauren who has shaken in her stilettos forever over the thoughts of Daisy returning to Genoa City.

Caleb continues to tell Colin he wants to kill Lily. Colin says he can do whatever he wants with her once he has the twins. Sofia tells Devon, Neil, and Malcolm that Lily couldn’t get rid of her fast enough. Neil decides to use drastic measures to reach Lily. The trauma Lily is dealing with is growing old and hopefully the powers that be at The Young and the Restless will bring this wacked out storyline to an end soon.

Lily remains confused over the Cane situation and when Sofia checks on her today, she pleads with her to convince her family she is fine. Later, her feelings become so overwhelming where Cane is concerned, she wants him to make love to her. He begins chatting about creating a new life for themselves and starting over somewhere outside of Genoa City. Lily freaks out believing she is losing her mind. Cane exits and Lily reaches out to Drucilla.

Angelo texts Kevin telling him he’s coming over to say “goodbye.” Naturally, Kevin freaks out over this and tells Gloria that Glow Room has been running bets. Angelo is on his way and Chloe tells Kevin she’ll handle him because Angelo would never hurt a woman. Turns out Angelo was telling the truth and really is on his way out-of-town for good. Jeffrey and Gloria make amends.

Colin meets up with Caleb once again and goes over the plan to take the kids from Lily. He leaves and there’s a woman lurking behind some bushes. Caleb tells “bush-woman” that he hates Colin. You think the lurker could be Genevieve?

Neil shows up at Lily’s and she pleads with him to take the twins because she is convinced she’s losing her mind. Keep watching The Young and the Restless and see the video below for a sneak peek at tomorrow’s show.

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