‘The Young and the Restless': Daisy Agrees to Move in with Daniel

On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Devon blasted Harmony and Tucker for their tasteless actions and told them he would never trust them again. Ashley visited Tucker and found him comforting Harmony. Tucker and Harmony tried to explain to Ashley that nothing was going on, but Ashley didn’t buy it. Katherine told Nikki that Jack is madly in love with her, but Nikki claims she and Jack agreed to keep things low-key because of Kyle.

Sofia got in Neil’s face and told him he better realize what he’s got a home before it’s too late. Victoria found herself wishing Chelsea was gone. She’s tired of paying her bills and tells her she’s on her own now. Later, Billy offers to help Chelsea find a place out-of-town, but she tells him she’s staying in Genoa City. Later, Chelsea agreed to move in with Adam as a friend only.

On today’s episode, Daniel and Daisy talk about her moving into his place. He tells her that her apartment is too small and he needs space to paint. Daisy recalls the last time she lived with him. She mentions the bad moves she pulled back then. Daniel tells her he wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t gotten over all that. Finally, Daisy agrees to make the move. Take a peek at the conversation they share on today’s episode from this CBS video clip.

Also on today’s episode, Abby reaches out to Kyle and pleads with him to allow his father to be happy. In the meantime, Nikki blasts Victor for turning Kyle against his father. Jack has another round of therapy and Abby and Kyle suddenly show up. Kyle tells Jack he wants him to be happy even if the source of his happiness is Nikki. Later, Jack lets Nikki know he’s in love with her. Elsewhere, Katherine urges Victor to go to Nikki before it’s too late.

Paul remains determined to find out what happened to Ricky’s old girlfriend, Rachel. He hooks up with Melissa, a good friend of Rachel’s. Melissa believes Ricky had something to do with Rachel’s death. Paul fears his son is just like Isabella. Daniel tells Michael and Lauren he’s moving Daisy out for their sake. Later, Ricky orders Daisy to give him her apartment or he’ll tell the judge she arranged for Lucy’s kidnapping.

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