‘The Young and the Restless': Daisy Wants Ricky to Help Her and Lucy Leave Town

On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Daniel crashed at Kevin’s place and then discovered Kevin gave Daisy a job. Kevin claimed he got a few chances to start over and he felt compelled to give her a chance. He regretted not telling Daniel before now. Nick began to worry about Phyllis obsessing over Daisy. She ordered him to leave her alone. Phyllis admitted she still blamed Daisy for the miscarriage.

Abby and Chloe continued working on preparations for the art gallery. Devon was setting up the stage for Angelina’s performance when Harmony entered. She told him she was there to shoot photos for the magazine. Carmine showed and thought that poster of Angelina was hot. Abby ordered him to focus on the bar. Chloe noted that Abby had the hots for Carmine. Angelina suddenly cancelled and Chloe blamed Abby.

Sharon told Victor she and Nikki worked through their issues in jail. A relieved Victor was grateful. Nikki showed up at the ranch telling Victor her problems with Sharon were trivial compared to what Nick and Phyllis were going through. Their conversation drifts back to their relationships. Victor told Nikki that Jack wasn’t good enough for her and Nikki claimed Sharon wasn’t enough of a challenge for him. Everyone, including Sharon wanted to find a replacement for Angelina. Sharon was one of them, but she got nowhere. Katherine tried Danny Romalotti, but he was on tour. Finally, Tucker and Harmony pooled their resources and came up with a replacement act. Neil was clearly jealous.

Sharon ran into Adam and Chelsea and told Adam he was faking his relationship with Chelsea just to get to her. Adam told Sharon he sincerely liked Chelsea. Adam found it sad that Sharon had become such a bitter woman. Later, Sharon brought Adam a New Orléans jazz CD. He invited her in. Sharon continued to make comments about Adam and Chelsea and Adam held his own. He told Sharon she was clearly upset because he wasn’t longing for her any more. Chelsea returned after taking her GED test and Adam asked Sharon to leave. Adam admitted Sharon brought him the CD and Chelsea didn’t like it.

Daniel spent time alone with Phyllis when Nick dashed off to get her ice cream. He told her because Daisy knew she ran down Paul and Cricket with that rental car, they couldn’t use the video surveillance footage against her. Nick returned and wondered what was going on. He didn’t hear about the rental car incident and told Daniel to back off and consider his mother’s recent loss.

On today’s episode, Paul and Lauren have a long conversation about Ricky and Daisy. Paul mentions how Ricky said he only wanted to follow in his footsteps. He wanted to catch the bad guys. Now, according to Ricky, his father thinks he is one of those bad guys. Paul claims if he’s wrong about Ricky he will feel terrible about it. Lauren encourages Paul to trust his hunches like she did with Daisy. Lauren also admits she realized she has to defend her family no matter what. Paul wants to know how she’s going to pull that off. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Avery doesn’t get it when Phyllis wants to drop the charges against Daisy. Tucker and Harmony book The Wanted for the art gala. Paul learns Lauren has a gun and she doesn’t intend to give it up. Ricky continues to eavesdrop on conversations between his sister and his father. Later, Eden catches Ricky in Heather’s apartment. Daisy wants Ricky to help her and Lucy go on the run and Phyllis gets in Daisy’s face.

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