‘The Young and the Restless': Highlights, Sneak Peek and Spoilers 1-16-17

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Highlights from Yesterday’s Episode

On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, a crushed Nikki realizes Victor actually married Sharon. Sharon and Nikki get stuck alone together in a lockdown at the prison and Nikki accuses Sharon of preying upon the Newman family because she’s so weak.

Sharon tells Nikki to remind her how strong she (Nikki) is. “You’re an alcoholic married to a bartender” quips Sharon. They are finally ordered to leave and Nikki turns to Katherine for help. Later, after telling Katherine Victor married Sharon and she killed Diane, the two of them go to the police station so Nikki can turn herself in. Vikki and Billy chat with Michael about Billy’s parental rights. Michael claims they have to take the DNA test results to a judge to see what his chances are. Later, Billy and Vikki catch Chelsea ordering a beer and Billy pays her hotel room and orders her to move into their upstairs apartment. Even their dog doesn’t like this woman. Chelsea tells Keely if he thinks he doesn’t like her now, to just wait and watch while she destroys Billy and Victoria. Michael attempts to get Victor released but the DA has to follow certain protocols. For now, Victor remains behind bars. Adam slides into the Newman ranch and stares at Sharon and Faith sleeping.

Preview and Spoilers for Today’s Episode

On today’s episode, Jack remains obsessed with Beauty of Nature. He has coffee with Lauren attempting to convince her to vote to sell the company at the Newman board meeting. Lauren can’t vote for the sale because she is sure Adam’s only agenda is to dismantle Newman Enterprises one asset at a time. A frustrated Jack gets nowhere with Lauren. He tries to tell her that she doesn’t owe Victor anything. Lauren has to stay loyal to Victor.

Later, Ashley and Genevieve hook up with Jack about Beauty of Nature. Jack feels as though they are ganging up on him. Genevieve calls it a friendly little intervention. Walsh grills Nikki wondering if she paid Deacon to make that film. Adam pressures Tucker to enter the deal he proposed for Beauty of Nature and Tucker goes for it. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode of The Young and the Restless.

Ronan manages to get reinstated at the Genoa City Police Department and Nick goes to Victor to tell him that Nikki killed Diane for him. She recalls Diane attempting to set Victor up. Sharon votes as Victor’s proxy on the Beauty of Nature sale and her vote locks in a tie.

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