‘The Young and the Restless': Jack Wins Beauty of Nature

On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Genevieve confessed all to Christine about draining Colin’s bank accounts. She also reported where the money came from and promised she would give all her financials if the Feds got off Cane’s back. Jack told Nikki about the feeling he had in his foot. He told her about the tests he had and how doctor’s have confirmed he is regaining feeling in his legs. Victor works on Holloway, a former employee of FMN to get him to admit he knew Genevieve wanted Beauty of Nature when he sat on the Newman Board. The guy claimed he knew nothing about that, but agreed to do what Victor wanted.

Phyllis and Nick ran into Daisy talking to Ricky about rent money. Phyllis wondered why Daisy would rent her apartment to Ricky. Daisy claimed he paid her rent, so why not? Daisy left and Ricky grabbed her. He told her to get the copy of the key to Phyllis’ and meet him there. Phyllis told Nick seeing Ricky and Daisy together terrified her. She was afraid of the havoc they could wreak together.

Daisy met Ricky at the penthouse and tried to leave him there, but he ordered her to be his lookout. Ricky rummaged through the place looking for anything that could damage Phyllis. Daisy told Ricky the elevator was coming. He told her to stall Nick and Phyllis in the hall. Daisy told Phyllis she came here to see her to explain about Ricky. Phyllis and Nick get rid of her while Ricky hid in a closet. He recorded Phyllis as she told Nick if she could, she would kill Daisy. Ricky slid out when Phyllis and Nick went upstairs.

On today’s episode, Sofia tells Neil she can’t possibly live in the same building as him. She says they would see each other too often and begin meddling without even realizing. She wants Moses to grow up with integrity and tells Neil she can’t possibly live down the hall from him. Take a look at their exchange from today’s episode in this CBS video preview.

Also on today’s episode, Victor continues to ignore Sharon’s calls and Sharon finally figures out that Victoria told her father she slept with Billy. One of Sharon’s two brain cells must have kicked in. Billy tells Victoria she’s acting like her father. Ashley tells Tucker unless a miracle occurs and he changes big time, their marriage is over. Sofia runs into Harmony and lets her know she and Neil are divorcing. Harmony can’t warm up to Neil for some reason. Jack and Victor discover the judge ruled in Jack’s favor and he won Beauty of Nature. Things are finally starting to go Jack’s way, but, can it last?

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