‘The Young and the Restless’ Next Week: Kevin and Phyllis Do the ‘Rug Roll’ Thing

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On next week’s episodes of The Young and the Restless, things heat up between Kyle and Eden. Who knew there was a guy out there capable of applying sunscreen with his lips! See the video below. Last week, Kevin and Chloe were desperate to get Phyllis to sign on with Tag and Grab. Kevin decided to go visit Phyllis just as she met with Dr. Tim at her penthouse and ended up desperately trying to drug him.

Phyllis simply wanted to render him unconscious for a while and she had no idea what he was up to behind her back while she searched for drugs behind his back. Dr. Tim has this love/hate thing for Sharon and he wants her bad. He ends up downing a few too many little blue pills (Viagra) to get himself in the mood. He also washed them down with some wine. Apparently he popped one to many and dropped dead in Phyllis’ apartment as a result.

When Kevin arrived, Sharon needed to remove Tim’s body from his penthouse and get it back to his apartment. Kevin wanted no part of this, but Phyllis begged and pleaded. She told him he was already an accomplice. Kevin relents and agrees to help Phyllis roll Tim’s body in a rug to get him back home. Apparently, Beth notices Kevin in the building and he tells her he’s a door to door encyclopedia sales person. Who knew in the age of search engines that was even a plausible excuse.

Take a look at this CBS video preview for The Young and the Restless for next week. Interestingly enough, Sharon wasn’t featured in this preview, but you can bet her antics next week will be interesting. Stay tuned for a preview of Monday’s show coming here soon and do share your thoughts on the rug roll thing.

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