‘The Young and the Restless': Nick Bails on Phyllis and Chelsea and Adam Decide to Elope

On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Nikki and Victor had an explosive argument when she admitted to him she really does love Jack. He tossed her out of the ranch and told her not to return. Nikki lets Victor know she had no intentions of showing her face around there again. Only time will tell how that works for her. In the meantime, a thrilled Jack moved his foot again and he sobs and thanked Sarge for pushing him. Later, Jack met Nikki for lunch after she had just told Sharon, she needs to ride that horse of hers. Jack and Nikki decided to work on planning their wedding now.

Sharon hit the ranch wearing her stolen necklace and Victor didn’t recall seeing it before. Sharon admitted it was new. He wanted to have dinner at the ranch and Sharon agreed. Victor took a phone call and Sharon went upstairs. A grief-stricken Paul heard someone at the cemetery but then assumed he was alone. Ronan came along and arrested him. Paul resigned himself to the fact that this would be as good as it gets for him. Nick walked out on Phyllis stating he has no clue if he ever knew her. He didn’t want to believe she was guilty but everything indicated she was. He couldn’t believe she didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth.

Christine attempted to reach Paul and convince him to fight, but there is no fight left in the guy. He killed his son and believed he’s getting what he deserved. Eden learned about Paul’s arrest and told Heather she’s beating herself up to try to recall what really happened in Paul’s room. Nothing was coming back to her. Nina practically ordered her to remember so she could help Paul. Heather knew Eden was doing the best she could.

On today’s episode, Kevin wanted nothing to do with Adam’s investment offer, but Chloe insisted they should hear him out. Adam wants to invest some serious money and a stunned Kevin and Chloe don’t know how to react. Speaking of Adam, later, he asks Chelsea to elope to Kansas with him. She agrees. Victor advises Nick to dump Phyllis in divorce court and later, asks Sharon to move in with him. Sharon learns that Adam and Chelsea are eloping. Victor remains furious at Abby who has a serious crush on Carmine. Avery promises Phyllis she will stand by her no matter what. Chloe and Kevin decide to go with Adam’s offer. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

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