‘The Young and the Restless': Nikki Admits She Sent that Text to Sharon

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On Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Eden underwent hypnosis and recalled some of the details the night Ricky died. She remembered finding Daisy’s wallet and phone in Ricky’s room. She also remembered being caught by Ricky and being terrified of him. Kyle wanted the doctor to stop several times during the session but the doctor assured Ricky that Eden’s reaction was part of the process. At one point, Eden recalled Ricky’s hands and struggled stating she had to go out. The doctor ended the session and promised to write-up an evaluation as soon as possible. A disappointed Eden wished she remembered more of the details but felt better about being able to testify how terrified she was of Ricky. Christine wondered if that would be enough.

Nick busted Phyllis after witnessing the meeting between her and Tim. He demanded to know what she was up with and admitted following her. Phyllis confessed she paid Tim off because he blakmailed her again. She explained he had incriminating tapes of her sessions with him years ago. She had talked at length about Paul and Christine in those sessions and she didn’t want Tim to go to the press. A horrified Nick worked on stopping the transfer and wasn’t happy Phyllis borrowed from Summer’s trust fund. He told her she didn’t get to make these decisions on her own. He ordered her to call Avery to find out what the worst thing that could happen after this would be. He reminded her the last time she bribed Tim, she was nearly arrested for murder.

Phyllis went to see Avery who couldn’t believe she was paying Tim off once again. She told Phyllis she could no longer defend her. She had just bailed on being Paul’s new attorney because of Phyllis. A shocked Phyllis didn’t get why her sister would leave her in the lurch. Avery said they will always be sisters, but she couldn’t defend her at this point. She signed on to defend Paul. Christine wondered why Avery would bail on Phyllis. Avery explained her sister fired her. In the meantime, Nick is unable to stop that funds transfer and Phyllis stated it was better this way. Nick couldn’t believe she was continuing to rationalize her stupid choices. She wanted him to hold her. Nick said he loved her but she made that very difficult. He walked out leaving her alone.

Christina gave Nina, Ronan and Michael the details of Eden’s hypnotherapy session. She claimed she couldn’t remember the note but she genuinely feared Ricky. She also told Paul he would have to speak to his new attorney from now on because she was leaving. The next time they met, she predicted they would celebrate his innocence. Daniel and Heather grew closer as Daniel told her all about Eden’s therapy session.

Nikki told Victoria about the text message she sent Sharon from Victor’s phone stating their marriage had been a terrible mistake. Victoria told her mother she was terrible, but she still got a laugh out of the message. She advised her mother not to let Victor ruin her happiness with Jack. Sharon managed to break into Victor’s briefcase to steal that prenuptial agreement. Tucker advised her there could be copies, but Sharon was sure Victor had no time to make copies. Tucker mentioned the notary who witnessed her sign the document but Sharon was confident the notary never read the document. She insisted if the document was missing, it couldn’t be enforced. Tucker walked out stating he didn’t want any part of this. Sharon wanted something out of this marriage, at the very least—a stake in Newman Enterprises. She confidently tossed the document into the fireplace. Just then, Vikki walked in and demanded to know what she was doing. In the meantime, Victor stood on a pier at the port gazing at barges.

On today’s episode, Nikki and Sharon continue their conversation. Nikki tells Victor this is Victor’s house. Sharon stated she’s his wife and what’s his is hers. Nikki is sure Victor took care of all that before he married Sharon. Sharon ordered Vikki to get out, but she didn’t intend to leave until she found out what Sharon was up to. Nikki spies the briefcase and wonders what Sharon took out of the thing. Sharon claims she took nothing. Vikki removed the files and wonders what Sharon tossed in the fireplace. Sharon claimed it was nothing. Nikki won’t let Sharon destroy a good man like Victor. Sharon claims that’s a joke and goes to show her the text he sent her. Nikki doesn’t have to look. She admits sending that text. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Avery and Phyllis have words over Avery bailing on her. Avery tells Phyllis she’s a liar. Phyllis insists she was just trying to protect her family. Lauren upsets Michael when she tells him she wants to tell the cops the gun Paul had belonged to her. Later, Avery convinces Paul to enter a not guilty plea and Lauren gets him out on bail. Daniel and Heather decide to fight their attraction to each other because she is defending Phyllis. Nick gets in the middle of Phyllis and Nikki. He demands his mother take Victor’s cell to the cops and tells Sharon she better not have done anything with those prenuptial papers because she’s playing with fire. Nick ignores telephone calls from Phyllis.

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