‘The Young and the Restless': Phyllis Loses Hope and Victor Bags Sharon

On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Phyllis arrived at the GCPD with Nick and Avery. A horrified Phyllis could not believe she was arrested in front of her children at the coffee-house. Avery pushed Michael to get through the intake so this would move along more quickly. Nick left Phyllis to go take care of the kids. A shocked Phyllis couldn’t believe he bailed on her. Heather informed Paul of Phyllis’ arrest and Paul wondered how different life would have been if he and Christine were struck by Phyllis’ car that night.

Elsewhere, Billy showed one of the producers Maryann, from that reality tv show a round the offices of Restless Style. He wishes Phyllis were around so he could introduce her to his editor. Billy wondered why Phyllis wasn’t returning his calls. Later, Billy discovered Phyllis was in custody and was forced to explain this to Maryann. She told him she had to make some calls and would meet him at the offices of Restless Style later.

Avery asked Michael about a plea deal for Phyllis, but Michael isn’t exactly the top dog on this case. He said he would have to consult with Christine. Michael informed Phyllis all evidence points to her and that this was serious. A determined Christine refused to offer a deal that didn’t involve jail time. Christine advised Ronan not to let his closeness to Phyllis cloud his judgement. She stated he could be too close to this case. “Ditto counselor” quipped Ronan, referring to Christine’s closeness to Paul.

Elsewhere, Victor waited for Sharon’s answer about moving in with him. Sharon told Victor she had to tell Noah in person and was heading off to New York to see him. Victor accepted this. Later, when Nick wanted to make sure Noah knew about Phyllis, Victor told him he would take care of that. He called Noah and asked him to put his mother on the phone. Noah told Victor his mother was not in New York. Victor also learned Adam and Chelsea were out-of-town. He called Adam who admitted he and Chelsea were eloping. Victor wished him luck.

Adam gave Chelsea some private time to have her dress altered by Mrs. Cobb and decided to visit the farm where he felt closest to his mother. A surprised Adam found the farm-house unlocked. Suddenly, Sharon surfaced to plead her case. She told Adam she still loved him. A stunned Adam told Sharon he was marrying Chelsea. Sharon wanted him to call it off. She wanted to go back in time with him, back to when they were truly happy. Adam stated he was comfortable with Chelsea and that she was his best friend. He told Sharon she got him in ways that she never did. He walked out and left a teary eyed Sharon alone.

Back at the police station, Phyllis told Ronan she couldn’t go to jail. Ronan claimed Christine wouldn’t let up until Phyllis was behind bars. He advised her to take a five-year sentence. Billy discovered the reality TV show had placed the Restless Style production on hold. Victor advised Nick never to allow a woman to make a fool out of him. Paul saw Phyllis and told her karma would come back to bite her.

On today’s episode, Victor shows up at the farm-house and a startled Sharon insists she was going to call him. She admitted she came to Kansas to convince Adam not to go through with his wedding to Chelsea. Victor tells Sharon he asked her for honesty. He also stated they would never work unless she could do that. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Summer has words for Christine who tells Michael she has questions for Phyllis’ family. Noah comes home from New York and Nick advises the kids to stand up for their mother. He wants them to stand by her. Nick also convinces himself it’s the right thing for him to stand by Phyllis and Chelsea and Adam get married.

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