‘The Young and the Restless': Phyllis Loses the Baby and Sharon Crosses a Line

On Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, a frantic Ricky showed up at Tim’s door and blasted Tim for not taking his phone calls. Ricky was desperate to get more information on Sasha Green. Tim refused to cooperate and ordered Ricky to leave. Ricky advised Tim not to use his authoritative doctor’s voice because he’s no longer a doctor. The doctor told him he still knew a sociopath when he saw one. Ricky accused the doctor of being obsessed with Phyllis. Tim claimed he did not devote his entire life to taking her down. Tim threatened to go to Phyllis and the police about those stolen files and Ricky told him he would never be that stupid. Finally, a seething Ricky left.

Lauren had another last-minute wedding to prepare for after learning Nick and Phyllis were getting married today. Nick invited Victor to the wedding but told his father Sharon was not welcome. Victor explained to Sharon he would honor Nick’s wishes. Daniel is also invited, but discovered Daisy wasn’t welcome. Daisy was upset but finally agreed to allow Daniel to take Lucy to the wedding. Jack talked Abby into investing in Beauty of Nature so he could pay Victor off. Daisy went to see Phyllis wanting to talk about Ricky. Phyllis refused to listen. Daisy told Phyllis she didn’t understand how Nick could marry her and have a child with her. They get physical as Daisy told Phyllis the reason she hated her so much was because they were exactly alike. Phyllis got rid of Daisy and after she left, Phyllis doubled over in pain and cried out for help. Lucy listened to her cries as she waited for the elevator but never turned back to help.

Katherine arrived at Glo-Worm to officiate the wedding when Sharon showed up wearing a neon pink dress. Nick told her it was real classy of her to crash the wedding and wanted to escort her out. Sharon claimed Victor wanted her there. Nikki was fuming.

On today’s episode Sharon is on a roll. Victor chats with her about his desire to honor Nick’s wishes by having her stay away from the wedding. Sharon explains she realized after he left that she belongs by his side. Victor smirks and agrees stating after the entrance she made, how could he not want her by his side. He promises not to go anywhere without her again. Take a look at the CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, a worried Nick rushes to the penthouse to find out what’s keeping Phyllis. The horrified groom finds her on the floor and calls 911 immediately. He sends a text stating the wedding is off for now. Phyllis explains what happened between her and Daisy. Jack notices Abby exit the wedding with Victor and alarm bells go off. He’s terrified of losing her support. Later, Abby tells him she is still on board with Beauty of Nature, despite the fact that Victor ordered her not to invest. Daniel learns his mother lost the baby and when he tells Daisy, she acts totally shocked.

If you happened to miss the weekly promo for this show, check it out here. Apparently, Sharon and Nikki will get into it at some point this week.

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