The Young and the Restless: Ricky gets the Goods on Phyllis and Danny Hits the Road

On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Phyllis asked Avery to be her maid of honor. A thrilled Avery says yes. Paul continued to worry about the type of violence Ricky could be capable of. Christine made a call and discovered Rachel died in her bathtub after overdosing on a sedative and drowning. Paul claimed that was how Isabella tried to kill Christine. He also told her his gut told him Ricky played a role in Craig Hunt’s death. Christine advised him to get the police involved. She told him not to take this on alone. With tears in his eyes, Paul told Christine to stay out of it.

Lauren had a change of heart about Michael being offered the DA position and gives Michael her blessing to accept the job. Michael wants to bring Heather Stevens back to town to work with him. Danny got a moment alone with Daniel when Daisy ran off to run an errand. Danny warned Daniel about Daisy and told him to get out of this marriage as soon as he could. Daniel worried about putting Lucy at risk. Danny left and when Daisy came home, she attempted to seduce an uninterested Daniel. Daisy told Daniel if he likes seeing Lucy, ignoring her advances is not the way to keep his child in his life. Daniel caves and makes love to Daisy.

Ricky hooked up with Dr. Reid who spilled his guts about Phyllis. He told Ricky Phyllis used him to get to Danny. She pretended to care about him for his own purpose. He also went on about how much Phyllis hated Christine. When Dr. Reid left the room, Ricky stole Phyllis’ file from a box. Once the doctor returns, he seemed to regret talking about Phyllis at all. When Ricky left, Dr. Reid noticed the file was missing and hoped Phyllis got what she deserved.

On today’s episode, it’s time for Danny to hit the road again and he meets up with Christine to say goodbye. Before saying goodbye however, he tries to convince her to come with him. Christine is glad they have a connection they’ll never lose, but she is shocked by his offer. Danny believes this would be a chance for them to finally get it right. Take a look at this CBS video clip for today’s episode.

Also on today’s episode, Danny won’t be the only one hitting the road today. After telling Victoria she slept with Billy just before he married Chloe, Victoria tips Victor off. Victor sends Sharon home. Avery intends to warn Phyllis that Ricky could be a killer. Ricky gets what he considers some useful information from Dr. Reid and Michael and Christine discuss their past. Phyllis tells Avery she did some things she totally regrets while she was with Danny.

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