‘The Young and the Restless': Sharon Buries Victor, but He Returns to Bury Her

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On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, the talk of the town was the death of Victor Newman. Jack was upset over the fact that Newman still managed to get to him even in death. Stock in Newman Enterprises fell drastically based on Victor’s demise and Jack was in desperate need of funds to meet his margin. Nick and Nikki were at the ranch and Nick reached out to her as best he could. Phyllis found out about Victor via Jack and she went to find Nick. Nikki left when Phyllis arrived at the ranch. Nick embraced Phyllis and stated he intended to head to L.A. to find out what happened to his father. In the meantime, he and Phyllis decided to head to Summer’s school to tell her in person.

Katherine found Nikki praying at the chapel and mentioned she knew Nikki would turn to her higher power. An upset Katherine said she didn’t understand why Victor never called her. He had friends, yet he never reached out to any of them. Katherine held a sobbing Nikki. Elsewhere, Billy had no idea what to say to his grieving wife. Victoria wondered how Billy knew Victor was in L.A. Billy claimed he had a lead for Restless Style but held off on telling Victoria until he could work things out. A shocked Adam told Chelsea his son or daughter would never know either one of his parents. A grieving Abby fell apart in Kyle’s arms. It was bad enough losing Brad, but at least she had Victor until all this happened. Kyle understood after what happened to Diane.

The merry widow Sharon went to identify Victor’s body at the morgue. She knew it wasn’t him, but after assuming he faked his own death, she identified the stranger as her husband. She told the doctor she needed her husband cremated immediately and walked out. Jack had no choice but to sell Beauty of Nature to Tucker. Tucker was willing since he hadn’t leveraged anything to purchase his Newman stock. Later, Tucker proposed to Sharon and true to form, she accepted that proposal.

Back at the mission, Sr. Celeste left Victor in Genevieve’s care to attend a prayer service for Christian. She didn’t want to raise suspicion. She would get supplies and Gen would stay with Victor. Gen concluded Victor was suffering from a concussion. and suddenly, he imagined he was back at the orphanage. Gen took a call from Billy who wanted to make sure she wouldn’t tell Victoria when he knew what he knew about Victor. She couldn’t deal with all that now. When she disconnected from Billy, Victor wanted to know if she was talking to a woman named Nikki. He mentioned she had called him as well. He also mentioned a ranch and some horses. Gen realized, Victor was getting his memory back. She called him Christian at one point and he claimed his name was Victor Newman.

Jack offered Abby his deep sympathy stating he sincerely wished Victor hadn’t died. Kevin attempted to convince Billy to tell Victoria everything, but Billy wasn’t ready to go there. He couldn’t do it to Delia. Michael got word about Victor’s body being at the morgue and Victoria, Nikki, Billy and Nick went to the morgue to view the body. The stunned family learned that Sharon had already cremated Victor’s remains.

On today’s episode, an outraged Victoria and Billy receive a text from Sharon announcing his memorial service would take place today. Billy wonders why she neglected to include a smiley face and a few exclamation points with the message. Victoria vents and wonders why Sharon isn’t in a cell now. She can’t get over that Sharon’s marriage to Victor for three minutes and all of three of them were miserable, and now, she’s tossing him a memorial as though it’s a happy hour. Victoria calls Sharon a heartless wench and heads off to the memorial. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Sharon refuses to allow Nicholas to speak at the memorial. She also stuns the crowd of mourners she is marrying Tucker right after the service. Tucker tells Adam he is only marrying Sharon to save their money. Katherine has questions for Tucker, but he isn’t talking. Traci arrives in Genoa City, but misses the service. Sharon signs Tucker’s prenup and prepares to marry him. Later, Nikki sobs at Victor’s grave and he suddenly appears.

Don’t miss today’s episode of The Young and the Restless and do share your thoughts in the conversations section below. Will Victor bury Sharon?

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