‘The Young and the Restless': Sneak Peek and Spoilers 2-13-14

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On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, a stunned Genevieve learns from Jill that Cane and Lily were getting married in Paris, courtesy of Katherine. Gen immediately books a flight to Paris. Kevin sleeps on the couch his first night with Angelina. She promises to get them out of this marriage and is grateful to him for giving her his bed. Angelo drops by and when Angelina tells him she thinks she made a mistake by marrying Kevin, Angelo assumes Kevin is the problem because of his connection to Chloe. He intends to handle the problem and calls Kevin to tell him Chloe will be history if he doesn’t do right by his daughter.

Before taking the call from Angelo, Kevin was reaching out to Chloe to let her know the real reason he took off. A relieved Chloe is grateful for this news. It changes everything for her. She runs upstairs to see Delia when Kevin takes the threatening call from Angelo. That’s when everything changed for him. Neil turns down Genevieve’s job offer (guess he doesn’t really need a job after all) and Victor wants her to reconsider their possible alliance. She says she’s open to that. Everyone prepares for Cane and Lily’s wedding.

On today’s episode, Victor and Nikki chat about Delia’s party. Nikki hopes Victor isn’t coming because he wasn’t invited. He somehow works her drinking into the conversation and she laments over him tormenting her on Valentine’s Day of all days. He tells her he has a big surprise planned for her later. She tells him she will be free all day. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Elsewhere in Genoa City today, A worried Anita believes Chelsea has a thing for Billy and she’s not happy about this. Vikki and Billy go to Katherine’s to attend Delia’s birthday bash and a shocked Nikki discovers Billy and Victoria believe Victor was the one who brought Chelsea and Anita to Genoa City.

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