‘The Young and the Restless': Sneak Peek and Spoilers for 3-6-12

On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Sharon takes some advice from Paul after he told her about Adam’s involvement helping Patty escape. Paul encourages Sharon to watch her back around Adam and take care of her daughter. Sharon decides in the end to leave Adam and focus on Faith for a change. Anyone think this will last?

Elsewhere, Jack proves to therapist Sarge that he is ready to go home. Paul informs him, Nikki and Jack about Adam breaking Patty out of Wyncliff to prevent her from testifying against him in Dr. Hightower’s murder. Jack is furious and wants justice served where Adam is concerned. Jack also lets Paul know he holds no grudges against Patty for this. Jack is sure what happened to him was Victor and Adam’s fault.

Sharon tells Nick about the information she got from Patty and tells him she can’t do this any longer. She wants to forget about Adam and just take care of Faith. Nick gives Sharon a hug after telling Adam they will never work together again. Phyllis happens upon Nick and Sharon hugging and she decides to run Ricky’s story about Adam and Patty.

Nikki believes Victor is partly to blame for what happened to Jack. When Victor learns it was Adam who broke Patty out of that mental health facility, he assures Nikki that Adam owns this one. Later, he tells Adam he is done at Newman Enterprises and he is no longer his son.

On today’s episode, Daniel visits Phyllis to tell her he intends to fight for full custody of Lucy. Phyllis initially blows him off but eventually hears his news when he forces her to listen. You think she can convince him to get a hair cut? Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also on today’s episode, Jill wonders why Gloria is keeping Jeffrey around. Anita lets Chelsea know she found her father. Phyllis is grateful that Avery played a role in convincing Daniel to pursue custody of Lucy. Abby tells Gen she doesn’t want to work for her and Victor wonders why Gen is attempting to hire his daughters.

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