‘The Young and the Restless': Sofia Gives Harmony Grief

On yesterday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Victoria had words for her parents. Nikki was there discussing Sharon and Victor and when Victor showed up, Nikki and Victor went at it. Victoria essentially told them to grow up and blames both of them for this mess. Eventually, Nikki left Victor with Victoria. She told him she’s not thrilled about Sharon being in his life because she doesn’t like her. She then pointed out this makes them even because he hates Billy and she hates Sharon. Victor began cooing to the baby and his gentleness and sweetness infuriated Victoria in one sense. Devon learned about Tucker and Harmony and he went to visit his dad and invited Harmony to show up as well. He told them off and said he’ll never be able to trust them again. He walked out and left Harmony sobbing in Tucker’s arms. Naturally, Ashley showed up and saw this. One could say the gig is up for Tucker!

A shocked Neil discovered Harmony slept with Tucker and he’s worried she might start using again. He makes an appeal to Katherine to keep an eye on her. Katherine tells him he threw her out. Later, Neil approaches Nikki to see is she can help Harmony in any way. Katherine also received a visit from her pal Victor who told her about his relationship with Sharon. Katherine wondered ‘what the hell’ Neil was doing.

On today’s episode, a vindictive Sofia runs into Harmony and has a few words for her. She tells Harmony flat-out to leave her husband alone. She tells her she’s glad she didn’t take her husband to bed. She also tells her the news is spreading like wild-fire all over town and she demands that she leave her husband alone. Sigh! Sofia only married Neil because of the baby. She knew he didn’t love her and she’s on one high and mighty horse now considering what she did to Malcolm. Take a look at the exchange between Harmony and Sofia in this CBS video clip.

Also on today’s episode, Victoria and Billy learn that Chelsea is staying in Genoa City. Adam tells Chelsea she’s welcome to move in with him. Anyone liking these two together? Katherine tells Nikki that Jack is in love with her. Sofia tells Neil he better realize what he has at home. Something indicates he know what he has at home. Billy and Jack team up to support Ashley no matter what decision she makes about Tucker. The Abbott boys are a breath of fresh air on this show. Harmony has a chance to score some free drugs but she turns them down. Phew!

Don’t miss today’s episode of The Young and the Restless and do share your thoughts on whether you think Neil can stay away from Harmony in the comments section below.


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