‘The Young and the Restless': The New Mrs. Newman

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Next week, on The Young and the Restless, viewers will be treated to,or turned off by a glimpse of Sharon as the “new” Mrs. Newman. Sharon seems to have embraced a new twisted agenda that has become more than irritating. Fans of this show have witnessed Sharon become a victim of character assassination by the powers that be at Y&R. There was a time when she was a beloved and respected player on this show. Now, not so much. While the actress (Sharon Case) has handled the scripts admirably, the character she plays (Sharon Newman) has been trashed to the point where one might describe her as a bottom feeder. The hottest question on soaps message boards everywhere is, will the new regime at Y&R ever be able to redeem this character? Has the damage already been done to the point where it is irrevocable?

Next week in Genoa City, Sharon decides to take on the entire Newman family. Her new husband (Victor) is missing without a trace and hasn’t contacted a soul. She has yet to shed a tear. The fact that Victor took off without a word gave the self-destructive Sharon so much time on her hands, she managed to cause a scene at Nikki and Jack’s wedding, make a pass at Tucker and toss the prenuptial agreement Victor made her sign into the fireplace.

According to this CBS sneak peek video for next week, Sharon seems determined to take the entire Newman family down. Take a look at the weekly preview here.

More importantly, do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Can The Young and the Restless ever save Sharon at this point? Do weigh in.

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