‘The Young and the Restless': The Trail Abby Left Goes Cold

On today’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Abby’s disappearance has Ashley and Victor at odds. Victor knows his daughter has a thing for publicity stunts and he wonders if this could be another one. He points out that some things just don’t add up. Victor wonders why Abby would be tweeting as opposed to alerting the authorities.

Michael is working this alleged abduction case is at Victor’s with Sharon, Ashley and Tucker when his phone rings. He answers telling the caller he’s with the parents now. A nervous Ashley wants to know what that was about. Michael indicated the state police found discarded cell phones tossed earlier by Abby and Carmine. He also lets them know the cops could not determine which direction they traveled from there and claim the trail for Abby has gone cold. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Carmine didn’t like that he found Abby in his trunk since his target was Chloe all along. He pleads with Abby to call home and tell the truth. Abby begs Carmine to spend one more day on the road. Once she wears him down, he gives in. Elsewhere, Heather manages to get an arrest warrant issued for Daisy and Avery is happy about that. In the meantime, Kevin feels lost that nobody seems to care that Daisy has disappeared. Daniel and Phyllis both suspect each other of being involved in what happened to Daisy.

Eden approaches Paul to tell him about Ricky spending time with Daisy and Paul decides to question Ricky. Victor gets a hold of Ronan for help finding Abby and Tucker works with Ashley to set up a press conference to get the news about Abby out there.

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