‘The Young and the Restless': What Is Adam Newman Thinking?

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Today in Genoa City on The Young and the Restless, Adam rushed off to find Sharon who seems to be having a some sort of breakdown. Viewers of the action in GC seem quite comfortable with the relationship between Adam and Chelsea, his new bride. The question is, why the heck would Adam rush out to help Sharon and then lie to Chelsea about everything? Why? Why would he risk that? He and Chelsea are a good fit, and for the first time in a long time, Adam seems happy, sensible and secure.

If you saw today’s episode, you know a drunk Sharon went to the Newman ranch, heard voices, saw images of Victor, Nikki, Noah and Nick, and then, torched the place. A very disturbed Sharon called Adam and he rushed off to help her. Perhaps Chelsea might have understood why he felt compelled to do that, but Adam lied to her about where he was going. He stated he had to go out and do damage control with some client Kevin ticked off. Chelsea accepted his story without hesitation. That’s who she is.

Adam rushed off and found Sharon surrounded by flames at the Newman ranch. He picked her up, got her out of there and took her back to her house. An exhausted and drunk Sharon honestly had no clue what she had done. She was drowsy and unresponsive. A distressed Adam had no clue what was going through Sharon’s mind because she wasn’t talking. Sharon couldn’t talk because she was tanked and most likely in the process of having a nervous breakdown. Adam has given Sharon signals for a long time that he is over her, but is he?

Adam and Chelsea just lost their unborn child due to an unfortunate car accident. There is something about Adam and Chelsea that clicks. She has made Adam more likeable and has just about erased the dastardly deeds of his past. He adores her, so why would he risk all that for the out of her mind Sharon? Why would he jeopardize his relationship with Chelsea when she needs him the most. She just lost a child and is worrying that Adam isn’t facing that fact that he lost a child too.

Adam did get back to Chelsea today and she noticed he smelled like smoke. He lied again and claimed his car went on fire. Chelsea wanted him to take a shower and come to bed and just hug her. He said he needed to unwind and make some food. She went to bed alone, not knowing why he didn’t want her company. Adam then called Sharon once Chelsea was out of ear shot. What the heck is Adam doing and will Chelsea be able to handle the truth when it comes out? It would be a major mistake for Adam to blow it with Chelsea.

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