Theater Actor Shot on Stage: Prop gun loaded!

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In what sounds like the first five minutes of an episode of CSI, actor David Birrell was rushed to the hospital during a performance after being shot in the eye!

The actor was performing in Stephen Sondheim’s Passion on the West End on Saturday when he suffered the eye injury, reported Perez Hilton.

His character, Colonel Ricci, challenged another to a duel and the gun, which was supposed to fire blanks, shot him!

At this point, nobody knows what happened except that there was a problem with a gun, nor how serious the injury is for the actor.

A spokesman for the theater said:

“During the matinee performance of Passion on Saturday David Birrell sustained an injury to his eye for which he is currently being treated in hospital. Our priorities are to David’s well being and recovery; and to theatregoers who have purchased tickets for performances in the coming days.”

Performances are canceled until Wednesday and all patrons are being given a refund.


Thank goodness for Birrell that he didn’t meet the same tragic fate as actor Brandon Lee. As many remember, in 1993, while making The Crow, the actor was shot and killed on set due to faulty dummy cartridge.

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