Theater Says Sorry for Adding Sarah Palin Diss to “The Mikado”

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MCT Community Theater is sorry for adding a Sarah Palin diss to its The Mikado play. Well, apparently they should be sorry because itÂ’s really not that funny to put in any politician or File:Palin1.JPGany personÂ’s name on a list of the Lord High Executioner so soon after Rep. Gabrielle GiffordsÂ’ assassination attempt.

That is exactly what offended a theater goer. The person was shocked and quite displeased when MCT Community Theater listed Sarah Palin as one of the people whom wouldnÂ’t be missed by their character Ko-Ko, an executioner.

The theaterÂ’s executive director Michael McGill said, “Oh man, we made a mistake.”

However, The MikadoÂ’s director, Curt Olds, stands by his decision to add Sarah PalinÂ’s name into the play and didnÂ’t feel sorry about it at all. He states that she was an ideal candidate simply because she was extremely well known and that “the pacifist executioner’s target list is often updated to make it relevant.”

Well, relevant or not, itÂ’s easy to see why and how many people could and would be offended. Perhaps itÂ’s time for The MikadoÂ’s executioner’s target list be comprised of offensive TV characters such as Charlie SheenÂ’s character from Two and a Half Men.

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