There Are 2 1/2 Million Jobless Americans Breathing a Sigh of Relief Today, Thanks Go To The Dems

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Every one of the 2 1/2 million unemployed Americans who are looking at the bills piling up on their kitchen table can thank the Senate Democrats who brought relief in the form of benefits being restarted.  It came down to one vote.  Yes, that illusive one vote by a brand new senator.  That one vote was from a brand new senator moments after being sworn at his new post.  That vote was for all those who have been out of work in this horrible economy.

There will be a final vote tomorrow, but this will certainly help until the recession loosens its hold on the economy enough for new jobs to be produced.  There have been unemployed individuals who had been without benefits for the last seven weeks while Congress debated $34 billion in benefit extensions.

So what does that mean for the average American?  It means that until there are jobs available they can still contribute to the economy by paying rent, mortgages, car payments, groceries, utilities, and occasion gas for the vehicles.  It benefits the entire economy when a segment of the population out of work still has money coming into their homes.

If anyone believes that these individuals who have been without work for as long as they have wants to continue being unemployed, they are simply crazy.  There is nothing wonderful about filing each week that you still have not found a job.  There is nothing wonderful about receiving only a fraction of what you had been bringing in.  There is nothing wonderful about being unemployed but it is wonderful that the Senate Democrats understand this and want to help the unemployed survive this trying time.

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