There is a May in Mayberry(Saturday Writing Essential–the Month of May)

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This Week’s Challenge:

Write something about the Month of May. Using prose or poetry, write anything about the month of May, any holiday in the month, or anything that happened to you or a family member or friend during this month.

Watch Out For:

The only thing is that your submission must have something to do with the month of May. Any May — hmm, do you happen to have a great-aunt May?


OK, so I have to write about the month of May.  I don’t have an aunt May, so that’s out.  Obviously I can’t write about may, as in maybe, but I can write about Cinco de Mayo which has the word ‘may’ in it and is in the month of May.  A coincidence?  Suppose the holiday was in June.  Would it then be Cinco de Juno?

Of course there shall be no talk of maypoles, Maya, mayday, mayhem, mayflies, the Mayflower, or mayo–unless they somehow relate to the month of May.

But then there is Mayberry, North Carolina where there was a Sheriff Andy Tayor and his deputy Barney Fife.  He didn’t have an aunt May but he did have an aunt Bea.  Interestingly enough, when you put the two aunts together, you get aunts May-Bea.  There was also good old Mayor Pike then came Mayor Stoner.  And let’s not forget Goober and Gomer.

Now, eleven months out of the year, Mayberry and the folks who reside there have nothing to do with the month of May, so I will concentrate on the May part only.

It happened one glorious May afternoon.  It was Cinco de Mayo.  Andy, Barney and Goober were out huntin’ or shootin’ up some food…when up from the ground came a bubblin’ crude…oil that is, so they became millionaires, moved to Beverly Hills.  There they met Jed Clampett and his kin.  Aunt Bea and Granny took to each other and became fast friends–like two mayflies on a maypole.  Jethro and Goober also hit it off and created all kinds of mayhem.  Jed, Barney and Andy liked to sit out by the cement pond and eat Maya corn pone dipped in mayo.  On a typical mayday, during one of their bull sessions, they discovered that each had ancestors that sailed across the Atlantic on the Mayflower.  

Now at this point, you may be at the edge of your seat and maybe you can’t wait to find out what happened next…during the month of May, of course.  Well…Andy’s son Opie fell in love and married someone real special: (drum roll please) Ellie May! 

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