There’s Hope for Hope (TWE: Tuesday Writing Essentials)

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The landlord banged on my door
And demanded cash;
I offered him hope instead;
I told him hope is better than cash;
That’s when his face turned red!

A homeless dude came up and asked
If I had any spare change;
I offered him a ray of hope;
He said he needed cold, hard cash
So he could buy some dope;

I hope you get what you want, I said,
To the landlord and homeless dude;
Some people prefer hope;
Me? I prefer food;

‘Cause we are living in a material world;
And yes, I’m not a material girl,
But when I’m dirty I use soap;
Imagine the sight and smell
If I decided to use hope;

Cash is king!
Soap is clean!
But I suppose hope
Is still better than dope;

So when hope seems to fail you,
Don’t hang from the end of a rope;
Keep hope alive
So you can survive!

Remember, when it comes to hope,
Never ever give up hope!

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