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My daughter often plays with the neighborhood kids.  Her favorite friend is a girl, who is fourteen, and two years older than her.  Her little brother, who is ten, is a terror.  Several years ago, he would always hit my daughter.  Due to circumstances that occured in my home, any time someone got hit the police were called, and charges were pressed.  When the boy hit my daughter she would freak out due to other trauma that she suffered.  I had to go to speak to the father and explain that I would not allow his son to  hit my daughter.  I further explained that I did not find it acceptable in the first place, but that due to the rules in our house, I would have to call the police.  It gave a clear message to all involved that there was zero tolerance for abuse against women of any age.  The father was very polite to me and understood.  He talked with his son, and things seemed to quiet down.  He still  has a horrible mouth on him, but at least he kept his hands to himself, until yesterday. 

He started verbally abusing her yesterday, and she went home.  He followed her, and his mouth kept running.  He got up to our porch, and continued to verbally harrass her.  She asked him to leave several times, yet that just seemed to make his mouth worse.  She calmly took him by the hand and started to lead him off of the property.  He turned around and smacked her.  She had a red welt in the shape of a hand on her.  She was shocked, and called me to the front of the house.  I talked again with the boy and explained that I would not allow him to hit her.  She did nothing to provoke it.  It was not in self defense.  It was just pure and simple abuse and battery.  I gave him a warning, since it has been over a year since he has hit her, but it will be his last.  I swear that I will call the police next time.  I have done it before, and I will do it again.   


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