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I like cats, but I am definitely a dog person.  I love dogs, especially my dogs, Callie and Dojo.



I started watching Dexter on Netflix instant watch, and I was INSTANTLY hooked.  My husband and I went through the first two seasons in less than 2 months.  Dexter is a Showtime drama about a blood analyst for the Miami police department who moonlights as a serial killer.  The catch: he only kills the bad guys…usually the bad guys who got away with it.  His mannerisms and personality are completely captivating, and the show is very entertaining.


I have to say that I never had much luck with cable companies until we got DirecTV a couple years ago when we bought our new TV.  At the time we bought our TV at Best Buy, they had a deal on DirecTV service, and we were desperately wanting the NFL Sunday Ticket package.  We’ve been happy with it ever since.  We’ve only had one outage problem, and that was only during the huge flood Nashville had, so I don’t blame anyone for that.  They have had great customer service, I don’t know what we’d do without the NFL Sunday Ticket.  Although we are displaced fans, it allows me to watch my Packers every Sunday and my husband gets to watch his Giants.

Dulce Desserts

Dulce Desserts is a bakery in Nashville, TN.  We hired them for our wedding last July, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.  Juanita, the owner, is just awesome.  She really had things under control and made me feel completely at ease. I was overwhelmed with all the options at our tasting.  I still don’t know exactly what she said, but in about 12 seconds she summed up what I wanted — and I thought, “You’re right.  That sounds perfect!” I knew our desserts would be great.  We wanted more than just a cake.  When we sat down with her I told her that I envisioned a “dessert table….I want you to walk in the room, and see it, and be like ‘Aaaaaahhhhhh’ like there’s a halo of light above the desserts….” and she did just that!  It LOOKED (and tasted) AMAZING!!!!  We had 2 smaller cakes – an almond cake and a chocolate ganache (the most delicious cakes I’ve EVER eaten), caramel cupcakes (if you guys read A and C, you already know that we’ve already listed 3 of my favorite things here…), lemon cupcakes, a variety of cookies, and fresh fruit tartlets.  She did these special cookies for us, both fitting for this post and our last name:


Dean & Deluca

Dean & Deluca is one of my favorite places to eat.  I wish and wish and wish that we’ll get one in Nashville.  My father-in-law introduced me to Dean & Deluca in Charlotte a couple years ago, and we went there every time we visited them.  He loved that place even more than I did. He and the cheese lady had become great friends. When he was dying of pancreatic cancer and wouldn’t eat anything, one day while we were visiting, he decided he wanted to go to Dean & Deluca for lunch.  He had the best appetite there than he had had in weeks.  The day after he died, and we were running around planning things for his service, we went there for lunch.  Dean & Deluca not only has great food, but it has memories. 

I took this picture of the one in New York:



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