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As these two little snippets illustrate, two categories of people qualify among the oddballs who make the diversity of the human condition so fascinating. The first individual does not have much in terms of material wealth, but he had billion dollar ambitions and balls to match. The second category has the stuff in bushels and an in-your-face desire to flaunt it.


I realize that folks think big in the big state of Texas, but this guy takes the cake. Charles Ray Fuller, a 21 year-old guy from North Texas, coolly strolled into a bank in Forth Worth and asked to cash a check for – get this – 30 billion dollars. Noticing the teller's surprised expression, Fuller explained his girlfriend's mother gave him the cheque to start a record business. Wow! His girlfriend and her mom must really love him. Bank employees are trained to be suspicious however. They contacted the account's owner and discovered that the woman had not given Fuller permission to take or cash the cheque. Fuller was arrested on a forgery charge. He was released after posting $3,750 bail. If you ask me, the guy had it coming. If he had a forged a check for $30,000 he might have got away with it. After all, in Texas, $30,000 is chicken feed. But did he really think, the bank would just hand over $30 billion without verification? And wait, it gets even better. When the cops searched Fuller, they found he was carrying a concealed weapon and a few ounces of marijuana. Any further comment would be superfluous.


In the second case, Harrods of London (if you have to ask what Harrods is, you can't afford to go there) has put on a sale a pram (that's a stroller to you American philistines) for $12,000. If that sounds exorbitant, it's not really, considering what you're getting for your big bucks. The pram body is plated with 24-carat solid gold. It boasts a clockwork sound system playing nursery rhymes, a satin interior and a leather hood trimmed with ermine (the favored fabric of royalty, dukes and earls). Who'd pay that much for a stroller, you say? For your information, the classy perambulator has already been snapped up by a South African tycoon. Graham Richardson, who converted a classic Silver Cross pram from the 1960's to produce his masterpiece, has been spurred to greater heights of grandiosity by this quick sale. He is now planning an improved model with diamond wheels. Potential customers? David Beckham and his missus. Well, they can afford it.


So there you. It takes all sorts to make up this crazy world; and thank God for that.

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