This is Another Day The Lord Has Made!

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         One more day the Lord has made.  Happy Thursday!!  Hope everyone has a

Great Weekend!!  I am going with my mother to a lady minister of the gospel of

Our Lord Jesus today’s house .  We are going to visit pray and take  her a donation

for the country of Mexico.  She calls herself my mother’s sister, but they are not really

related.  My whole family, my brother and sister and nephews give her donations for

Mexico.  She takes missionary trips to Mexico and her and her husband preach and

work there.  They go to a church they are helping build.  My mother’s been to

Mexico, but since my son was born and she takes care of him she has not

had the time or opportunity to go back for missionary  work to the poor people.

My little boy is twelve and he says he would like to take a mssionary trip to Mexico.  I

hope kind of that he does not.  The people are very needy and he is a sweet child.  I pray

the lords blessings on all His people today and in everything that you do.  May God grant

you peace, and all your petitions amen.  In Jesus Holy Name I pray Amen and Amen.

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