This is What Smaller Government Will Do For You!

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So you say you want less government intrusion on your lives? That it’s doing too much already? OK! Let’s take another look at what that would mean. I know it’s come up before, but there are a few angles that don’t get as much of an exploration when the subject comes up.

If you support less government intrusion in your life no matter what it is, you want the following to return to daily life in the USA:

  • Girls blocked from school sports because the money is being spent strictly on the boys
  • Businesses, buses, and drinking fountains designated for usage based on race
  • Women unable to find work in many sectors outside of nursing or secretarial
  • People being barred from jobs or housing for being a member of the wrong religion
  • Single women being refused apartment rentals due to marital status
  • Married women being refused work because they might get pregnant
  • Women and people of color being barred from colleges other than specially founded schools
  • 12-hour, six-day work weeks in unsafe and unsanitary conditions
  • Eight-year-olds working on factory machinery

All of those changed because of government intrusion into people’s lives. If you still insist there’s no way the government can make things better by stepping in and doing the work, please leave a comment below noting the color of the sky in your world.

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