This isn’t a category its CHILD ABUSE

I am so tired of hearing these categories.  The registery has went out of wack.  I am all for it don’t get me wrong. But I am for CHILD ABUSE registery!

Why in the world should someone pissing behind a house be on there? Yet we find it cute to teach our toddlers to piss outside. 

Why are people on there for having sex when they are just over 18? Yet many of us are guilty for having sex as teens. I for one was 16 and had sex with my 21 year old boyfriend. Did he force me? Heck no I he didn’t I was all for it.

Am I siding with sex offenders? Not TRUE sex offenders I am not.  I say lock them away throw away the key.

But I am saying as well lock away CHILD ABUSERS and throw away the key.

Come on people I talk to people every day that their kids are dead. Why? From the hands of these abusers. They get less time then someone having sex with their teen lover and worse they get out and run free.  Does these individuals having sex? No they are on that registery yet the murders can go place to place.  Think about this a say man can murder a child serve 7 yrs get out to move after house arrest. Marry someone else with a kid. Don’t you think that child is in danger?

I know a 12 year old girl, pregnant. Now get you this girl looks maybe 16 or even older. She had sex with more then one guy, 2 of those guys doing time. She gets removed from her mom’s house claiming her mom wasn’t watching. No her mom wasn’t I agree there. Well mom does so called counseling after 2 months.  Girl comes back still pregnant. Mom goes back to working in a bar and girl starts sneaking in guys again. Now is this the guys fault? Maybe partially but now all. Sure guys should ask for ID because that is the thing now a days.

I am all up on locking away men who truely molest or even woman at that. But it is proven the ones you should be concerned about hasn’t even been caught. Lets look at the one that molested me.  My parents caught him seen it did nothing. He is now on taggot playing his games.  I worry about many of them there and tried warning. Now that is a sex offender, pervert, pedophile whatever you want to call it.

I call it a child abuser! Its time to stop labeling into groups and start protecting the kids from the real abusers.

People its time for a Child Abuse Registery, and I mean for true people of harm.

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We are a new foundation that is in the process of becoming a non profit organization. We do already have our tax ID number. This program is strictly for child abuse victims and their families. You can help in so many ways such as getting

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