This Week’s SatWE Challenge Suggestion ~ for Saturday Writing Essential

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This Week’s Challenge:

Use prose or poetry to write a SatWE challenge. Put in some kind of an introduction and then include the following three headings with your own ideas: “This Week’s Challenge,” “Ideas,” and “Watch Out For.”


This Week’s Challenge Suggestion, for Saturday Writing Essential

Some of us are comfortable getting up before an audience of  any size and giving an address, some are terrified at the very idea. This week you need not actually get up in front of folks, you just need to write your address as though you were to really do it. So the challenge is:  Write an address to a group. Identify the group, and make your address interesting and compelling.


  • Give a speech to a school board telling why they should approve or not approve a proposed purchase or policy.
  • Give a “soapbox” speech in front of your state capitol building to anyone who will listen.
  • You’ve been given a watch and a plaque for your decades of faithful employment or membership or contributions to society. Give an acceptance speech.
  • No, don’t make a pun of the challenge and submit a mailing address of some organization.

Watch out for:  Too many ideas.  Keep it focused. Watch out for tongue twisters; you want to be able to speak it clearly.  Watch out for words which are likely to be unfamiliar to your audience unless explaining the word is an important part of your message. Watch our for wordiness; trim unnecessary words. If you include humor, make certain that it is relevant and in good taste. Avoid leaving your audience hanging; end with a punch which compels your audience to agree or at least know why they disagree.

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