Thought of Jennifer Aniston Lured Wanted Man Off of Hawaii Beach to Justice

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Joshua Garlathy dreamed of acting alongside Jennifer Aniston, but that dream ultimately became his demise. One day, Garlathy was relaxing on the beaches of Hawaii, but he found himself in a Pennsylvania courtroom Tuesday morning after a bizarre series of events, and he never even got to meet his idol.

Garlathy has never been known as a responsible type of man; he seems to fly by the seat of his pants and not worry about consequences. He fathered a girl in Pennsylvania with former girlfriend Beth Ann Holderman, but he fled the scene when he was expected to take on responsibility for his child. He went to Canada and fathered two more kids, and, of course, he had to take off then as well.

Since then, Joshua has been traveling the country, occasionally baking cookies or picking up musician gigs to get him by. Eventually, he ended up in Hawaii. Although it sounds like he was leading the easy life, he was out of work and lonely enough to look for babes on the internet who were as “420 friendly” as himself.

His prolific internet activities eventually came to his ex-girlfriend Beth Ann Holderman’s attention, and she wanted the $32,803 of back child support he owed her. “I said, ‘This is absurd,'” Holderman said of the aging musician with a bad case of the Peter Pan syndrome. “He owes and here he is smoking doobies on a beach somewhere.”

Holderman decided enough was enough and enlisted the help of bounty hunter Scott Bernstein to get her money and bring the deadbeat dad to justice. Bernstein, who is working on a reality TV series about his work, hatched a quirky scheme to bring Garlathy to him.

Bernstein simply called Garlathy up and offered the delinquent dad a role in a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and sent Garlathy a plane ticket to Pennsylvania. It’s not clear why Garlathy believed the impossible story, but perhaps he was a little too impaired by Mary Jane to recognize how ridiculous the whole thing sounded. Joshua Garlathy didn’t hesitate to pack his bags and jump on the plane.

When he deboarded the plane in Pennsylvania, a film crew was waiting. The footage of Scott Bernstein putting the scruffy unemployed musician with dreams of stardom in handcuffs was priceless.

The trip carried an even heavier price for Joshua Garlathy. He went in front of the judge with no real defense for his actions and was ordered to pay off his delinquent child support and also reimburse Beth Ann Holderman for the $2,912 plane fare that brought him to justice.

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