Thoughts On A Winter Day ~ A Glosa for Shedding Light and Mindful Poetry

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Umbrella, light, landscape. sky–
There is no language of the holy.
The sacred lies in the ordinary.

from 365 Tao Meditations by Deng Ming Dao

outside it’s frigid, wet, and gray
frost is wilting the tender plants
gas heater rumbles throughout the day
old sol has strayed too far away
all I want is to cuddle in bed
with you forever – safe, warm, and dry
skin to skin afloat on our downy nest
under the comforter
cozily dozing – just you and I
Umbrella, light, landscape, sky–

when dreaming ends – the fun begins
a touch, a kiss, tender tickles
we wiggle and spoon – form a crescent moon
ignore the wind and icicles
I caress your face, you touch that place
like a puzzle piece you melt into me
the prelude begins with tender chords
and ends in a breathless crescendo
toes curled tight like a rolly pollie
There is no language of the holy.

one of us will make the coffee
one of us answers the phone
hunger calls us to the kitchen
take a shower, grace the throne
I’d like to play in bed all day
read my book with a glass of sherry
but there’s laundry to do and bills to pay
we’d better go to work we say
not practical for us to tarry
The sacred lies in the ordinary.

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