Thousands of Mac Computers Get Trojan Virus; Could Yours be One of Them?

Apple’s OS X is not as immune to Internet viruses as some experts have believed. Over 550,000 Mac Computers have recently been infected with a flashback Trojan virus. The virus got into many users’ computers through a Java flaw and users didn’t even have to interact or download any files. Some of the websites containing the malicious code include:,,, and

This is now the second major virus to hit Apple computers in the last two years. It is being recommended that people with Mac Computers disable or remove Java, since many users do not need it. A patch is also available for people who need Java on their Apple computer. Over 50 percent of the computers affected by the virus were in the United States, so all American Mac users should check their computers and install all necessary updates and patches to prevent further damage from this malicious malware.

More than half a million computers have been affected already and that number continues to climb as more people discover that their Mac computer is infected. Mac users should go directly through Apple for support in fixing the problem to avoid further hacking. Even if a computer is not infected, users are still being encouraged to continue to check their computer and keep downloading all available updates from Apple on a daily basis.

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