Three ’16 & Pregnant’ Stars Are Expecting

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16 & Pregnant is a show to educate teens on why it is best to wait to have sex. However, three of the girls that have appeared on the show are currently pregnant with their second child—and that’s a lot considering the low number of girls that have taken part in the show.

The Clicker reports that Ebony Jackson-Rendon of season 1, Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant of season two, and Kristina Head of season 4 are all currently with child and will have a second baby by the start of the new year.

The rate seems high and unfortunately, it’s not just on the show. Teen pregnancy is happening everywhere and while the show was made to educate, it doesn’t look like these girls are struggling when they are having more children.

Of the 47 girls that appeared on 16 & Pregnant, 6 have conceived a second child within two years. Jordan Ward of season 3 gave birth to her second child last year and Leah Messer of season 2 and also Teen Mom 2 miscarried earlier this year.

Some of these mommies are stable and able to have more children but to their fans, it makes them feel as if they too can live happily ever after and that’s just not what typically happens.

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