Three New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Episode 4 Clips: Hanna and Caleb, Online Dating

Pretty Little Liars season 3 continues next week with episode 4, “Birds of a Feather,” and more and more previews are being released teasing what’s coming up for the girl, both with “A” and otherwise.

PLL Season 3 Episode 4 “Birds of a Feather” Sneak Peeks

Pretty Little Liars Title ScreenA “Birds of a Feather” promo and three sneak peeks have already been released from the next PLL episode teasing some of what’s coming up.

In the first new clip (below), Jason finds Mrs. Hastings and confronts her about defending Garrett as the girls watch on. Her argument is “everyone deserves a competent legal defense,” but Jason asks if that’s the only reason. She tells him to let the process play out and focus on his family and himself, but his “I am” as he walks away is very ominous. Is that what’s going to lead to Spencer checking on him in one of the other sneak peeks?

The second latest Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 4 clip (below) shows that Hanna has found out about Mona’s freak out. She thinks Lucas went to talk to her, but Caleb admits he was the one visiting her. He told Mona to stop messing with Hanna, and Hanna says she’s not doing anything to hurt her. Wren thinks it’s helping her heal, and that becomes a sore spot as well, as Caleb wants her to listen to him, not Wren. He wants her to stay away from Mona, but Hanna tells him to stay out of it. Is this the beginning of the end? As the promo has shown, there’s trouble coming for Hanna and Caleb, and thanks to future spoilers, it’s known that Hanna’s going to be suffering from heartache in the next episode. This is a relationship that is coming to an end.

The third “Birds of a Feather” sneak peek (below) features Anna trying to find a guy for her mother before telling her about her father and Meredith. However, Aria has decided to delve into the world of online dating to do just that, and the site she’s chosen doesn’t exactly have that good of a selection. Hanna thinks she should just let her mother find someone in person, and Hanna’s mother finds them and suggests a different site. This may not be the best idea, but Aria’s heart does seem to be in the right place. How will Ella find out about Byron and Meredith? Will Aria tell her, will Ella find out on her own, or will “A” somehow take advantage of the situation?

What do you think of the latest Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 4 previews from “Birds of a Feather”?

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