Three UFOs Filmed Over Beverly Hills

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Startling footage of three UFO lights hovering the skies above Los Angeles is raising some interesting questions. Does this video prove the existence of aliens? And if so, why are the extraterrestrials monitoring Beverly Hills, of all places?

The two-minute video is very high quality, and you can clearly see three lights moving in near unison. You can view the amazing footage here.

Considering all the police, fire and news choppers flying over Los Angeles at night, it’s certainly possible these lights were coming from helicopters. The only problem with that theory, however, is that there was absolutely no sound emanating from the mysterious objects.

One of the glowing white orbs was also pulsating. There’s no way the UFOs were weather balloons, and they were traveling too slowly to be airplanes.

“It seems like that third was one was trailing them, almost. Kind of strange, the formations,” one man behind the camera is overheard telling his companion.

It seems there’s been an uptick in UFO sightings in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area as of late. Or, perhaps civilians are just able to film these encounters in real time, thanks to the ubiquity of cell phone cameras.

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