Throats on the Sword’s Edge

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Rope and Tree


The night be black and the hours long

heavy doom broods in deep gloom of room

where I hide and shrink from guilt

but cannot and all hope be gone

yet I meant no wrong at all

just did what had to be done quickly

so arose from evening supper to hurry

away from the staring faces of the men

to tell all to the priests and lead

night watch Temple Guards to moonlit garden

where the lush green olives grow and there

the twelve were gathered in the stillness and cool

but no kiss of betrayal was it

upon the Rabbi’s cheek though seized

he was and the rest were scattered

by fear and hate heavy upon the night breeze.

Alas, alas, and woe be me

for no legions of angels in blazing light

wielding spears and by heaven sent

came rushing down in anger from on high

so on my head be it that

no rescue made by God asleep

thus no Temple Guards hewn down

nor even one Roman put to sword

but haughty priests with contempt

paid me for what will now come to pass

though I meant not this doom to befall

and so threw their silver back

since thirty pieces was not the wage

for God’s Kingdom to come surging down

and set chained Judea and my people free

from the heavy Roman yoke and pain.

Nay, it be angels in radiant white

bearing shields and spears and swords

was what I hoped to see

by forcing heaven to descend now

but blind fool was I for the Rabbi

be but a man just like me even though

his words were by heaven sent

yet now I know I understood them not

so all be lost for I delivered him

my friend into the heavy hands of hate

that know sweet and blessed mercy not

but the priests thirst for blood and will condemn

so I am by my foolishness cursed

thus poor abandoned me be all alone

nothing left but for a long rope

and poor Judas hanging from a tree.

Over the years on Gather, I have published 10 Easter poems – some of them in a series.  I thought it timely to republish six poems from the collection – one per day until Easter Sunday.  I will use the same series title as I did before.

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I am intrigued by the proposition that what you believe is true for you - even if no one else believes it or regards it as true. That you will seek and find evidence proving to you that what you believe is true, despite the beliefs of others. Thereby imp

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