Thunder Thighs Dino had Mean Kick

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The thunder thighs dino put its massive legs to good use. It had a devastating kick, and that is how it protected itself. This new dinosaur was among the sauropods, which are the largest creatures ever on Earth – its name is Brontomerus.

Most people would not be thrilled to be known as thunder thighs, but for this dino, the strong, muscular legs provided for super-kicks for rivals and predators.

The Brontomerus mcintoshi was discovered in an eastern Utah quarry in 1994. They were in a museum until recently when scientists realized that the structure was different than that of others. It is interesting that the entire group of sauropods were found in family groups, which means they may have lived together.

Scientists believe that the thunder thighs dino legs evolved as they competed for their mates. The males fought each other to win the affection of the females. After this, scientists believe that the legs became crucial to the dinosaursÂ’ defense.

There have been many recently discovered dinosaurs. It is rather amazing that scientists are discovering such a huge amount of the ancient creatures these days. It appears as if they had a hugely diverse world of species. The thunder thighs dino is one of many new discoveries – its legs and name make it seem quite special.

Thunder Thighs Dino had Mean Kick

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