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Greetings, Gather writers. It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time to submit your writing to the Thursday Writing Essential.

The Casey Anthony Trial makes me think of the number of crimes in the past few years that have drawn the interest of the whole country, and even other parts of the world. This case deals with the untimely and unnecessary death of a precious child. The Whitey Bulger trial will likely be another case that will draw incredible media attention. The press has been camped out in Boston since he and his girlfriend Catherine Greig were extradited from California.

The O.J. Simpson case was another high profile case that inspired many conversations and arguments around the country. Did that infamous glove really not fit?

Has there been a case that profoundly impacted you in the past few years? Were you drawn to watching it, reading news reports about it, and talking about it over the dinner table?

For today’s theme, hone in if you will on a high or low profile court case that captured your interest and held unusual fascination for you.

Please be sure to post your submission to the Gather Writing Essential and to use Thursday Writing Essential in your tags.

I look forward to reading your writing, and learning what kinds of court cases you all find intriguing.


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