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Greetings, Gather writers. It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time to submit your work to the Thursday Writing Essential. Today’s theme tests your powers of recollection.

Have you ever visited a place that was so clearly implanted in your memory that you were sure you’d recall every minute detail forever? I thought I had, but upon visiting that same spot nearly 28 years later, realized that time literally erases some of what we hold as memories.

I visited Cape Cod last weekend for the first time in nearly three decades, and soon found out that nature, development and my mind’s own tricks had changed my whole perception of places I’d long held dear.

The dunes in Provincetown are thick with grasses and plants. I remembered them as only sand dunes–void of any foliage. One of the beaches near Sandwich is now laden with beautiful rocks–some so white I wonder if they glow under the light of the moon. Yet I remember sand under my toes instead of the rocks.

Have you ever had this happen? Of course I understand that natural elements have made great changes to the places I remembered. And it’s to be expected that in 28 years there would be some significant development. The question I’m left with now is how much clarity my mind held over these years. Did change really change what I was seeing or did I simply hold a imagined photo in my mind instead?

Today’s theme is perception. Are things really how we perceive or remember them? Have you experienced change the way I did last week on the Cape?

Please be sure to post your submissions to the Gather Writing Essential and to use Thursday Writing Essential in your tags. I can’t wait to learn if change has caught you off guard as it has me.

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